Matt Milligan, REALTOR®

Matt Milligan proudly represents Lokation Real Estate. As a licensed REALTOR® since 2018, Matt helps clients realize their home ownership goals, putting to use his superior negotiation skills and extensive knowledge of building and construction.

Since starting moving to South Florida in 2014, Matt Milligan has become an expert in the ins and outs (literally) of South Florida living. His interest in the unique South Florida lifestyle led him to establish Coco Loco Landscape Design in 2015, which thrived purely on referrals from happy clients. As a landscape designer, Matt enjoyed helping clients turn their houses into homes; it was this joy that made him pivot to a career in real estate.

As a REALTOR®, Matt goes above and beyond to make sure his clients get the most for their money. He is undoubtedly the most hands-on realtor around – just ask his clients! He works alongside his sellers to prepare and stage their homes to make sure they get maximum value. His buyers benefit from his keen eye and deep understanding of home construction which helps them make informed offers and purchases.

As part of his commitment to the community, he also donates 1% of his commission on each transaction to the school or non-profit of his clients’ choice.